A Brief Look at User Authentication Techniques

December 13, 2013By Carl NiedbalaCyber Liability, Risk Management Tips No Comments

  Almost every client we work with stores or uses some sort of Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”).  This probably reflects our apparent desire to have seamless/uber equivalents for literally every possible purchase of goods and services.  In any case, there’s a lot of personal data floating around the interwebs these days.  That should make security … Read More

One Trade Agreement Startups Should Know About

November 21, 2013By Carl NiedbalaNews No Comments

  Venturebeat originally posted about this earlier this week and we thought it was an important one to be aware of. Unbeknownst to most, a new trade agreement between the Trans Pacific Parternship (the “TPP”) has been in development for almost a year now.  The TPP consists of the United States, Mexico and a handful … Read More

Startups: Don’t Overlook Key Man Insurance

November 19, 2013By Carl NiedbalaKey Man No Comments

  We usually talk about key man insurance with our clients in the wake of a freshly closed round of institutional funding.  Investors typically make their portfolio companies get key man insurance to protect their own cash.  They realize that at most startups, the team is the company.  It takes a truly phenomenal team to guide … Read More