Employee Lawsuits: The Top 3 Risks Faced by VC’s

August 27, 2015By Matt McKennaEmployment Practices Liability, Featured, Venture Capital No Comments

This is the fourth installment of Founder Shield’s VC-Focused series. Last week, we reviewed some examples of lawsuits from your investors and how you can protect yourself. Be sure to also check out our introductory post as well as our discussion of the impact of regulatory investigations and the insurance policies that will help you stay afloat when the SEC … Read More

Top 4 Venture Capital Insurance Claims from Investors

August 19, 2015By Matt McKennaDirectors & Officers, Errors & Omissions Insurance, Featured, Venture Capital No Comments

This is the third installment in Founder Shield’s VC-Focused series and explains venture capital insurance claims VCs might face from their investors. If you’d like to learn more about the basics of what these insurance policies do and don’t cover, check out our intro post as well as our post about regulatory investigations.      

Getting Business Insurance for On-Demand Startups

June 25, 2015By Carl NiedbalaCyber Liability, Errors & Omissions Insurance, Featured, General Liability, Insurance Pro Tips No Comments

  The on-demand economy is ever-growing and we work with new startups in the space on a daily basis.  We’ve previously discussed the risk profile of on-demand services companies and how insurance can help, but here’s what you need to know about actually getting business insurance for on-demand startups.   1. Technology is the tip … Read More

The Business Insurance Renewal Checklist (for Startups)

April 23, 2015By Carl NiedbalaFeatured, Risk Management Tips No Comments

  Business insurance renewals are usually uncharted territory a young startup.  Typically venture-backed startups experience significantly more change/growth year over year compared to your standard new business venture.  It’s important to understand how this effects your insurance coverage and how to ensure you’re properly protected.  Here’s the “checklist” of items to be aware of as your policies renew.   1. … Read More

Startup Risk Tips: Don’t Let Your Business Insurance Lapse

February 25, 2015By Carl NiedbalaFeatured, Insurance Pro Tips, Risk Management Tips No Comments

  Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned and your company ends up a bit more cash strapped than anticipated at year end.  The typical gut reaction is to pull the rip chord and cut any and all “extraneous” expenses.  Insurance is considered by some to be one of those expenses.  Here’s why you shouldn’t be quick … Read More

Insurance for Fintech Companies

January 30, 2015By Carl NiedbalaCyber Liability, Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions Insurance, Featured No Comments

  Founder Shield 101: Insurance for Fintech Companies.   From financial products to payments to investing, fintech is a red hot.  The market is forecasted to grow to $6-8 billion by 2018 and Q1 2014 alone saw 1.7 billion invested across 167 deals. Risks As with any disruptive industry, there are several inherent risks that fintech … Read More

Venture Juice: Startup Business Services Made Easy

January 20, 2015By Carl NiedbalaFeatured, Risk Management Tips No Comments

  Founder Shield was created because finding insurance for your startup really shouldn’t be hard.  However, there weren’t insurance brokerages that really focused on the tech community…until we came along! Interplay was founded on the same principle: finding essential startup business services shouldn’t be hard. The companies in the Interplay family were specifically created to serve … Read More

5 Important Tools for Hiring Employees for Your Startup

November 18, 2014By Carl NiedbalaEmployment Practices Liability, Featured, Risk Management Tips No Comments

Hiring Employees for Your Startup – 5 major considerations Ramping up hiring to scale the business is an exciting time for a startup.  It’s not uncommon to double or triple the workforce year after year once this process starts, particularly for venture-backed companies.  In order to avoid a “runaway train” effect when hiring employees your … Read More