Key person insurance types: death vs disability

June 22, 2017By Matt McKennaKey Man No Comments

Key person insurance types (and what you need to know) Key person insurance (also known as “key man insurance”) is a policy designed to pay a designated amount to a specified beneficiary if the named ‘key person’ dies during the policy period. A company in this situation has to deal with the cost of a serious interruption to business activities. … Read More

2 Sneaky Ways Business Insurance Adds Value for Startups

December 2, 2014By Carl NiedbalaCyber Liability, Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions Insurance, General Liability, Key Man No Comments

Subtle Value-adds: Business Insurance It’s easy to think insurance is surplus when the company is just getting off the ground.  In the grand scheme of to-dos, insurance should probably fall by the wayside to goals like acquiring users, making money, building a minimum viable product, or finding investors. Most founders think of buying insurance as … Read More

Startups: Don’t Overlook Key Man Insurance

November 19, 2013By Carl NiedbalaKey Man No Comments

  We usually talk about key man insurance with our clients in the wake of a freshly closed round of institutional funding.  Investors typically make their portfolio companies get key man insurance to protect their own cash.  They realize that at most startups, the team is the company.  It takes a truly phenomenal team to guide … Read More