Health & Benefits for Late Stage Venture-Backed Companies

We’re excited to announce the creation of Founder Shield Health, a new arm of Founder Shield focused on providing exceptional health and benefits solutions.  The FS Health team works with high-growth companies that are rapidly outgrowing their early stage solutions.

The Problem

We’ve heard countless sob stories from friends, family and colleagues about skyrocketing premiums and shrinking coverage through employer-sponsored health insurance.  They’re stuck with higher deductibles, expensive coinsurance, slim provider networks and horrible payment processes.  Employers tend to take the blame here, getting a reputation for being “cheap” or not caring enough.

In reality, employers realize that their people are their most valuable asset.  They do all they can to reward and take care of their employees, but sometimes they need an extra bit of expertise (end elbow grease).   

That’s why we built FS Health.


The FS Health Solution

At Founder Shield Health, our mission is to make employer-sponsored healthcare affordable, scalable, customizable, and intuitive for high-growth companies and their employees.  Custom solutions are particularly crucial for high-growth companies that are constantly hiring diverse staff members with a wide range of needs.  Our team has decades worth of experience in the industry, so we can efficiently evaluate the needs, design a custom solution, and implement it decisively and with clarity.  We also work directly with employees to find them the quickest, highest quality, and most cost effective way to access care when they need it.  The results?  A clear game plan, reduced costs, and peace of mind for both employer and employee. 

FS Health loves tech too!  Our state-of-the-art system makes benefits administration seamless.  It completely streamlines on-boarding and benefits enrollment, removing paper applications and error-prone old school enrollment methods.  HR shouldn’t be focused on the burden of benefits administration and troubleshooting. Our system frees up HR’s time to focus on higher-value tasks like talent acquisition, development and performance tracking.  


Companies that make healthcare affordable, simple and accessible to their employees have a huge leg up on their competition in the labor market.  

Trending towards a triple digit workforce?  Feeling the crunch of your current plan?  Talk to us today to get the ball rolling on your customized FS Health solution!


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