Author: Arielle Greenbaum

June 25 • CultureFounder Shield

How Volunteering Helps To Create Worker Passion

A culture of giving back is one of the most inspiring ways to engage employees.

June 20 • CultureFounder Shield

How To Be A Better Team Player

In order to become a better collaborator, you must start by becoming a better team player. Here are some tips to get you there.

March 28 • CultureFounder Shield

Employee loyalty has to be earned, don’t expect it without taking action

We value our employees and want the same from them, but it’s not always that easy. Here are our thoughts on what you can do to boost employee loyalty.

March 26 • CultureFounder Shield

The Top 7 Things Employees Want From Their Company

People are always debating what employees need to be happy in their careers. Here is our take on what millennials really need for a good work environment.

October 4 • Founder Shield

Life at Founder Shield – what’s it really like?

At Founder Shield we believe in work being fun, even when there’s work to do (which there always is). Our People team is here to make sure every employee enjoys what they’re doing and the people they’re doing it with.

courthouse of and employee lawsuit
July 13 • EPLI

My Employee Is Suing Me. What Should I do?

1 in 5 businesses gets hit with a lawsuit from a former or current employee. We discuss the various types of employee lawsuits and actions businesses should take to reduce the risk of being sued.