Jeff Hirsch

Jeff Hirsch


Jeff wins the “most gray hair award,” with over 25 years of insurance and legal experience. Before raising the average age at Founder Shield in 2019, he founded Kissel Hirsch & Wilmer, a boutique law firm, spending over 20 years representing insurance clients and forging deep connections in the industry, particularly in the London Insurance Market. Jeff helps the leadership team bake new products, including new programs and products, such as Social Media Influencer media liability, tech E&O, and works with underwriters to create policy endorsements to overcome coverage hurdles. He is a pragmatic, collaborative problem solver with a passion to promote women and underserved/underrepresented colleagues to the highest strata.

Authored articles

January 19 • Risk Management

How to Navigate Commercial Insurance Renewals in 2021

Commercial insurance renewals often seem daunting, especially amid a pandemic. Here is insider information to help you navigate this task.

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social inflation
January 5 • Risk ManagementThought Leadership

Social Inflation: Why Business Insurance Premiums Are Increasing

Although unnerving, it’s natural to experience the ups and downs of the market. Here’s a look at how social inflation impacts your business insurance premiums.

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December 30 • Risk Management

IPO Insights: 7 Considerations for Late-Stage Companies

Preparing for an IPO can seem like a daunting task for late-stage companies — but it doesn’t have to be. Considering these tips will make the process more manageable.

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October 28 • Risk Management

Why Social Media Influencers Need Insurance

Influencer marketing is becoming more popular — but social media presents many risks. Here’s why social media influencers need insurance.

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