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3 Risks an On-Demand Services Company Needs to Consider

Update: We’ve released a new whitepaper examining the Sharing Economy industry. We dive into the insurance landscape, legal climate and how to approach risk management for companies in this sector. You can download the report here! Food for thought: on-demand services company risk profile The on-demand services company (think Uber, Makespace, Fly Cleaners…) is taking over the

November 10 • Cyber Liability

Updated 2014 Data Breach Notification Costs by State

Data Breach Notification Costs Cyber liability costs are soaring these days for all kinds of businesses (startups included).  Most people think of these “costs” as those related directly to the data breach: legal defense fees, settlements with users and 3rd party vendors, and forensic costs. Loss attributed to data breach notification costs can go under the radar.

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The “Dos” &”Don’ts” of Buying Startup Company Insurance

Buying startup company insurance can be a daunting task.  The insurance market is fragmented and there is no shortage of products out there.  The industry is not exactly tech savvy either, and many brokers still employ tools as archaic as fax machines in their practices.  Just finding where to start can be a hassle! Here

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Insurance for Internet of Things Companies

Insurance for Internet of Things Companies — what you need to know The Internet of Things space is exploding right now and shows no signs of slowing down.  In fact, some sources estimate that there will be 200 billion connected devices on the planet by 2020.  The current global market size is estimated at $4.9

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How a Data Breach can Destroy Your Startup [Infographic]

  Our friends over at egress sent us this really great infographic that shows the current state of cybersecurity and data breach issues surrounding costs, incidence rates, and those most effected.  The numbers are based on data collect by the UK-based Department for Business Innovation & Skills, but in an ever-growing global economy, they certainly

June 19 • Cyber LiabilityGuest Post

Cyber 101: Data breach Notification Laws and Costs

**This is a guest post by Scott Smedresman of Sorin Rand.**

June 6 • Cyber Liability

Startup CEOs & Cyber Security: Track your Tech!

Why startup CEOs should care about cyber security The data breach that Target suffered around Thanksgiving last year has finally worked its way up to the top of the organizational totem pole.  A couple of weeks ago, Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel lost his job a result of the cyber security shortcomings that cost the company a ton

May 8 • Cyber LiabilityNews

Data’s a Risky Business: 2014 Data Breach Costs are Soaring

  Every year (or at least the last 9 years), an independent research organization called the Ponemon Institute does a study on the state of data security and 2014 data breach costs.  It’s purpose is to determine the predominant causes of and costs related to data breaches.  The Institute takes into account many factors beyond legal-related costs when

March 20 • Cyber LiabilityNews

Beware! WordPress Security Issues Discovered

  In a somewhat ironic twist, popular cybersecurity blog Krebs on Security recently suffered a cyber attack.  The site, just like ours and at least 60 million others out there, is built on WordPress, and the attack illuminated some troubling WordPress security issues.  So what exactly happened and how can you prevent this from happening

February 14 • Cyber LiabilityNews

Why Startups Should Care About the New US Cybersecurity Framework

  With potentially 70 million effected by the recent Target data breach, the US government thinks it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room for the tech world: Cybersecurity protocol.