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January 24 • Case StudiesCyber LiabilityDirectors & OfficersNews

Target’s Cyber and D&O Insurance Might Save Them Serious Cash

  We can’t resist talking about this Target Data breach incident.  It has become a major talking point in tech community and the news that keeps surfacing makes for a great little case study.  So in the latest bit of news to surface:

January 9 • Cyber LiabilityGeneral LiabilityNews

Snapchat gets hacked, basically says “NBD, you guys”

  Only weeks after Snapchat made the headlights for spurning a $3+ billion buyout offer, the company is back in the limelight in a less-than-ideal fashion.

December 31 • Cyber LiabilityNews

UPDATE: Target’s Data Breach and the need for Cyber Liability Insurance

  Recently we wrote about the data breach that occurred at Target’s point-of-sale systems in stores across America.  The breach lead to the theft of roughly 40 million credit card numbers, names, and CSV codes.  Here’s what’s been happening since the announcement:

December 20 • Case StudiesCyber LiabilityNews

Target: the Latest Data Breach Victim

  Since we rarely go more than a couple weeks without a data breach post, it seems we’re a bit overdue.  It looks like we can get back on track thanks to Target’s point-of-sale systems and their security weaknesses. If you were out braving the angry mobs this black Friday and you happened to “storm

December 13 • Cyber LiabilityRisk Management Tips

A Brief Look at User Authentication Techniques

  Almost every client we work with stores or uses some sort of Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”).  This probably reflects our apparent desire to have seamless/uber equivalents for literally every possible purchase of goods and services.  In any case, there’s a lot of personal data floating around the interwebs these days.  That should make security

December 3 • Cyber LiabilityGeneral Liability

What Startups Need to Know About Business Interruption Insurance

What is it? At a very high level, business interruption insurance (“BII”) protects the insured when business operations are interrupted (no, really?!).   Typically this coverage is paired with others, including General Liability and Cyber Liability.

November 7 • Case StudiesCyber LiabilityNews

Apparently Everyone’s Getting Hacked Right Now

So apparently everyone’s is getting hacked right now.  If stories keep popping up this often, maybe its time to just start doing a weekly data breach post.  Also, this much activity is totally justifying why we harp on the importance of Cyber Liability coverage.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, here’s what happened in the last week or

November 5 • Case StudiesCyber Liability

Even Sony Can Mess Up Their Insurance

Admittedly this probably can’t be considered a “current” event, but we stumbled across this article somewhere on the interwebs and it’s an important story to tell (particularly on an insurance blog).   Big lessons can be learned by this one.  Here’s the gist:

October 22 • Cyber Liability

New European Laws = New Cyber Liability for Tech

Cause It has now been several months since NSA contractor Edward Snowden first leaked information about the organization’s activities. 

October 17 • Cyber LiabilityRisk Management Tips

Startup Cyber Risk Checklist

Cyber liability is a huge area of exposure for most startups.  Even if you’re not a “tech” startup per se, most tech companies today tend to leverage 3rd party tech products in ways that can leave them exposed.