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October 2 • Directors & Officers

Public vs. Private Company D&O Insurance Explained

We break down the differences between private vs. public D&O policies and discuss common claim scenarios.

August 14 • Directors & OfficersNews

Jobs Act 3.0 Explained: How it will Impact Business

The House has passed Jobs Act 3.0. What does this mean for business? We discuss the key takeaways of the act and how it will impact future IPOs.

August 8 • Directors & OfficersSpotlight

Directors & Officers Insurance for IPOs

Any company considering an IPO needs an effective Directors & Officers insurance program in place. We break down the pros and cons of IPO’s and how they will impact your D&O policy.

insurance for an ICO
April 4 • Crime InsuranceDirectors & Officers

What’s the right insurance for an ICO?

Uncertainty in the ICO space is leading entrepreneurs to wonder how they can protect themselves from risk. Can these companies get insurance for an ICO like they can for other parts of their business? (Spoiler alert: yes they can)

startup D&O insurance post 2017
December 19 • Directors & Officers

The need-to-know of startup D&O insurance

What is startup D&O insurance and why do I need it? Directors and officers make tough decisions every day. That’s why directors & officers insurance (D&O) protects them while doing their job. D&O insurance policies protect a company’s individual directors and officers from claims based on their decisions made while acting in his or her

December 18 • Directors & Officers

D&O cheat sheet for venture backed companies

Want to know more? Talk to us! You can contact us at or create an account here in order to get a quote for a directors & officers insurance policy. Want to read more on the subject?  Check out our blog posts on directors & officers insurance.

insurance for bitcoin
December 5 • Crime InsuranceDirectors & Officers

Insurance for Bitcoin: 3 facts startups need to know

Bitcoin has been occupying the news but unless your only interest is today’s this minute’s price, there are still plenty of unanswered questions for startups. Jamie Dimon calls Bitcoin investors “stupid” and John McAfee says the price is going to $1 million by 2020. Meanwhile the grey area in-between is filled with noise. So we want to

October 27 • Cyber LiabilityDirectors & OfficersEPLIErrors & OmissionsInsurance Pro Tips

Startup Risk Tips: Optimizing your Insurance Policies

  Insurance should be seen as more of an investment than a cost, but given the busy and chaotic lives of Founders, it sometimes becomes a check-the-box activity.  When utilized properly, companies can get value from their policies well beyond that generated by a “set it and forget it” approach.  Here are a few tips to optimize your insurance

September 13 • Case StudiesDirectors & OfficersErrors & OmissionsGeneral Liability

Pivoting? You should probably call your insurance broker

It’s been a tough year for retail. Just ask J.C. Penny, Macy’s or Target. As e-commerce continues to overtake retail (thanks Amazon), traditional retailers need to employ different strategies to satisfy customers. In other words, it’s time to start pivoting. Startups are all too familiar with pivoting, and many startups do so at least once. Sounds

August 22 • Directors & Officers

Quick tips to get it right on a directors and officers insurance application

What info do I need to provide in the Directors and Officers insurance application process? So your startup company secured a round of funding. You are now required to have a Directors & Officers policy to protect your company and its executives from claims made against them. You think, “no problem, I’ll reach out to