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July 20 • EPLI

5 reasons why your PEO’s EPL insurance isn’t enough

If you use a professional employer organization (PEO), you know the benefits. PEO’s provide convenience by allowing you to outsource your HR duties to them. Their teams guide you through laws and regulations that you don’t have time to study. The model itself provides less tangible (but no less real) benefits by allowing small businesses

June 29 • EPLIGeneral Liability

How your company may be like NBC’s The Office (and how insurance can help)

“The Office,” NBC   Okay, so your office is probably nothing like the one from the hit NBC show, The Office. You’re no Michael Scott and your boss looks (almost) nothing like Kathy Bates. You’re a professional after all! Well, we have some bad news for you: every office has a bit of Dunder Mifflin

Business Insurance Package Policies & How They Benefit Startups
December 21 • Cyber LiabilityDirectors & OfficersEPLIErrors & OmissionsGeneral LiabilityProperty InsuranceRisk Management Tips

Business Insurance Package Policies & How They Benefit Startups

Choosing commercial insurance can be daunting.  You want your company to be properly protected, but you don’t want to break the bank. Luckily, that’s why business insurance package policies exist! Insurance carriers often pair multiple coverage types together, keeping the cost lower than purchasing them separately, but still giving your company the protection that it

December 17 • Commercial AutoEPLI

2015 Employment Lawsuits: Where are Startups at Risk?

2015 employment practices lawsuit data is in: which states are at the highest risk? Every company encounters a hiring situation in which things don’t play out quite as planned.  A candidate is overly demanding or misaligned with the hiring team, an employee didn’t perform as expected or wasn’t a cultural fit…the list can go on forever.  Unfortunately,

August 27 • EPLI

Employee Lawsuits: The Top 3 Risks Faced by VC’s

This is the fourth installment of Founder Shield’s VC-Focused series. Last week, we reviewed some examples of lawsuits from your investors and how you can protect yourself. Be sure to also check out our introductory post as well as our discussion of the impact of regulatory investigations and the insurance policies that will help you stay afloat when the SEC

August 12 • Directors & OfficersEPLIErrors & Omissions

Venture Capital Insurance and the SEC

In our first post on venture capital insurance, we took a high level view of four scenarios where this management liability, professional liability, and employment practices liability insurance policy could protect you, your firm, and your investors. We also spoke about the potential costs of having — as well as not having — this coverage

August 6 • Directors & OfficersEPLI

Venture Capital Insurance is an Investment, Not a Cost

This is the first of a series of articles we will be posting about the world of venture capital insurance. 

November 18 • EPLIRisk Management Tips

5 Important Tools for Hiring Employees for Your Startup

Hiring Employees for Your Startup – 5 major considerations Ramping up hiring to scale the business is an exciting time for a startup.  It’s not uncommon to double or triple the workforce year after year once this process starts, particularly for venture-backed companies.  In order to avoid a “runaway train” effect when hiring employees your

September 25 • Cyber LiabilityDirectors & OfficersEPLIErrors & OmissionsGeneral LiabilityWorker's Compensation

The “Dos” &”Don’ts” of Buying Startup Company Insurance

Buying startup company insurance can be a daunting task.  The insurance market is fragmented and there is no shortage of products out there.  The industry is not exactly tech savvy either, and many brokers still employ tools as archaic as fax machines in their practices.  Just finding where to start can be a hassle! Here

May 29 • EPLIErrors & OmissionsGuest PostWorker's Compensation

Startup Internships: What Founders Need to Know

**This is a guest post by Scott Smedresman of Sorin Rand.**