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November 5 • Insurance Pro Tips

7 Questions to Ask Before Renewing Your Restaurant Insurance

Before renewing your restaurant insurance policy, it’s vital for franchise owners to review commonly overlooked business dynamics. Here’s the inside scoop.

S1 filings for mid-market companies
October 15 • Insurance Pro Tips

Guide to S-1 Filings for Mid-Market Companies

Understanding how to navigate S-1 filings for mid-market companies can be tricky, especially if this is all new to your team. Here’s a detailed guide!

June 4 • Founder ShieldInsurance Pro Tips

How to Nail Business Insurance Renewals

Renewing commercial insurance can a tedious process. This guide will help you nail your insurance renewal to make it as easy, and cost-effective as possible.

Insurance Subjectivities
April 24 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

I Signed, Now What? Understanding Insurance Subjectivities

Often referred to as the “pitfalls” of a quote, insurance subjectivities are certain conditions you must follow to ensure the coverage you need.

how to choose a business insurance broker
March 4 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

How to Choose a Commercial Insurance Broker

Cost may be a concern, but it should not be your primary concern. So what then should you look for when selecting a commercial broker?

March 1 • Founder ShieldInsurance Pro Tips

Understanding Certificates of Insurance (COIs)

Everything you need to know about Certificates of Insurance (COIs)!

January 25 • Insurance Pro Tips

Robobroking: What you need to know about automated insurance brokers

Online brokers using automation and AI make it easier than ever to get commercial insurance. But how do you know if they’re right for your business?

November 19 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

How to generate revenue & funding with insurance

How do you turn a cost center into a revenue engine? We discuss how high-growth companies can get this done with right Insurance. (via TechCrunch)

October 31 • Insurance Pro TipsPodcasts

Podcast: The Business of Insuring High Risk, Fast Growth Startups

Our very own Eric Schneider sat down with the guys over at the Block Party podcast. He talks about how to manage insurance needs in rapidly evolving business environments.

September 20 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Expanding to the US? Use a local insurance broker

Expanding to US? Find out why using local insurance broker can save you some big headaches.