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December 11 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Startup Risk Tips: Know When Business Insurance Kicks In

Q: When is my company actually covered by our insurance policies?

December 2 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

2 Sneaky Ways Business Insurance Adds Value for Startups

Subtle Value-adds: Business Insurance It’s easy to think insurance is surplus when the company is just getting off the ground.  In the grand scheme of to-dos, insurance should probably fall by the wayside to goals like acquiring users, making money, building a minimum viable product, or finding investors. Most founders think of buying insurance as

November 25 • Founder ShieldInsurance Pro Tips

Under the Hood: Creating Your Business Insurance Quote

So you’ve gone through the process of applying for insurance on the Founder Shield site.  In the the interest of transparency, here’s how we create your business insurance quote and how your insurance policy becomes a reality: 1. We review your submission internally As soon as you click submit, our team is alerted to review your

November 21 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Startup Risk Tips: Admitted / Non-Admitted Insurance Policies

Q: What’s the deal with “admitted” insurance carriers vs “non-admitted” insurance carriers? Insurance quotes are a pain to read.  If you’re not in the industry, most of the terms might seem like complete jibberish.  One term that comes up is the whether the policy is with an Admitted or Non-Admitted insurance carrier.  Here’s the deal:

March 14 • Insurance Pro Tips

How a Startup Insurance Policy is Born

  At Founder Shield, we pride ourselves on getting our clients in front of underwriters immediately.  But as we present our clients to underwriters for quoting, we get a lot of questions about what’s going on under the hood.  To clear the air, here’s a quick and basic overview of the process and to tools