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November 27 • News

Startups that Give Us More to be Thankful For

  With Thanksgiving upon us, it seems appropriate to do a post about some of the startups out there that are giving people more to be thankful for.  So here’s a small cross section of those companies:

November 21 • News

One Trade Agreement Startups Should Know About

  Venturebeat originally posted about this earlier this week and we thought it was an important one to be aware of. Unbeknownst to most, a new trade agreement between the Trans Pacific Parternship (the “TPP”) has been in development for almost a year now.  The TPP consists of the United States, Mexico and a handful

November 7 • Case StudiesCyber LiabilityNews

Apparently Everyone’s Getting Hacked Right Now

So apparently everyone’s is getting hacked right now.  If stories keep popping up this often, maybe its time to just start doing a weekly data breach post.  Also, this much activity is totally justifying why we harp on the importance of Cyber Liability coverage.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, here’s what happened in the last week or