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March 18 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Business Interruption Insurance for COVID-19 Disruptions (Updated Frequently)

Given all that’s happening in the world right now (and as we enter a world of WFH for the foreseeable future), we wanted to continue to expand our library of blog posts that can provide all the guidance we can as it relates to your insurance policies.

March 10 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

“Is It Covered?” – Answers to Coronavirus & Business Insurance

Coronavirus threats are forcing most companies to rethink their position in the global economy. Here’s how insurance could play a part.

January 29 • NewsRisk Management Tips

Micromobility Trends 2020

Micromobility companies across the globe have progressed significantly in the past several years. This momentum only showcases consumer demand for last-mile transportation. And that’s just for starters. Here’s a roundup of 2019 happenings and what to expect from the micromobility space in 2020.

December 12 • Guest PostRisk Management Tips

How to Choose the Best Financing Option for Your Business

Meredith from Fundera evaluates the best short and medium term financing options for startups. Find out which one is right for your business.

October 16 • Founder ShieldRisk Management Tips

Active Shooter Coverage: What is it and Who Should Consider

Unfortunately, Active Shooter events continue to rise. We discuss how Active Assailant Coverage can help to respond to these tragic events.

before going public
October 8 • Directors & OfficersRisk Management Tips

Risk Management Tips Before Going Public

Here are risk management tips for mid-market companies to consider before going public.

Insurance Subjectivities
April 24 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

I Signed, Now What? Understanding Insurance Subjectivities

Often referred to as the “pitfalls” of a quote, insurance subjectivities are certain conditions you must follow to ensure the coverage you need.

how to choose a business insurance broker
March 4 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

How to Choose a Commercial Insurance Broker

Cost may be a concern, but it should not be your primary concern. So what then should you look for when selecting a commercial broker?

November 19 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

How to generate revenue & funding with insurance

How do you turn a cost center into a revenue engine? We discuss how high-growth companies can get this done with right Insurance. (via TechCrunch)

September 20 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Expanding to the US? Use a local insurance broker

Expanding to US? Find out why using local insurance broker can save you some big headaches.