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December 11 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Startup Risk Tips: Know When Business Insurance Kicks In

Q: When is my company actually covered by our insurance policies?

December 5 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & OmissionsGeneral LiabilityRisk Management Tips

3 Risks an On-Demand Services Company Needs to Consider

Update: We’ve released a new whitepaper examining the Sharing Economy industry. We dive into the insurance landscape, legal climate and how to approach risk management for companies in this sector. You can download the report here! Food for thought: on-demand services company risk profile The on-demand services company (think Uber, Makespace, Fly Cleaners…) is taking over the

December 2 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

2 Sneaky Ways Business Insurance Adds Value for Startups

Subtle Value-adds: Business Insurance It’s easy to think insurance is surplus when the company is just getting off the ground.  In the grand scheme of to-dos, insurance should probably fall by the wayside to goals like acquiring users, making money, building a minimum viable product, or finding investors. Most founders think of buying insurance as

November 21 • Insurance Pro TipsRisk Management Tips

Startup Risk Tips: Admitted / Non-Admitted Insurance Policies

Q: What’s the deal with “admitted” insurance carriers vs “non-admitted” insurance carriers? Insurance quotes are a pain to read.  If you’re not in the industry, most of the terms might seem like complete jibberish.  One term that comes up is the whether the policy is with an Admitted or Non-Admitted insurance carrier.  Here’s the deal:

November 18 • EPLIRisk Management Tips

5 Important Tools for Hiring Employees for Your Startup

Hiring Employees for Your Startup – 5 major considerations Ramping up hiring to scale the business is an exciting time for a startup.  It’s not uncommon to double or triple the workforce year after year once this process starts, particularly for venture-backed companies.  In order to avoid a “runaway train” effect when hiring employees your

February 28 • EPLIRisk Management Tips

EPLI Risk Exposure Checklist for Startups

  Last week we posted about the importance of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (“EPLI”) for rapidly growing startup companies.  If you read that post, it should be pretty clear why there’s so much risk exposure related to employment practices.  I wanted to follow up that post with a quick EPLI risk exposure checklist for startups.  Here’s

December 13 • Cyber LiabilityRisk Management Tips

A Brief Look at User Authentication Techniques

  Almost every client we work with stores or uses some sort of Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”).  This probably reflects our apparent desire to have seamless/uber equivalents for literally every possible purchase of goods and services.  In any case, there’s a lot of personal data floating around the interwebs these days.  That should make security

October 17 • Cyber LiabilityRisk Management Tips

Startup Cyber Risk Checklist

Cyber liability is a huge area of exposure for most startups.  Even if you’re not a “tech” startup per se, most tech companies today tend to leverage 3rd party tech products in ways that can leave them exposed.

October 10 • Risk Management Tips

Insurance for Startups: Cost or Investment?

The Question The biggest question we deal with on a daily basis: how much does insurance for startups cost?  All of our clients want to know exactly what they’ll have to spend and how long it will take.  They all expect an immediate answer, and can you blame them? The startup world moves at a