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Funding Trends Digital Health Companies Should Know

Digital health companies catapulted to the forefront of the US healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the funding trends keeping the momentum going and what you should know to prep for the future.

June 4 • Series A

Negotiating and Closing Your Series A

Coming to the end of your Series A round can drum up a few significant feelings. Relief, joy, fear, and excitement, usually top the list—just to name a few. While it may seem more comfortable to stand back and let things play out, now is the time to refill your coffee, so you’re extra attentive.

May 4 • Series A

The Series A Term Sheet

Embarking on a Series A funding round requires intention and precision. No matter if you’re busy choosing venture capital (VC) investors or creating your perfect pitch deck, having your ducks in a row is beneficial. When it comes to the term sheet, however, your negotiating skills can either make or break you. But we can

April 4 • Series A

How to Create the Perfect Pitch Deck

As an eager business owner, the pitch deck for your Series A is often the first thing on your to-do list. This item is one of the more exciting parts, after all. But just as we’ve described in this entire blog post series, the strategy is everything. Take a step back and slow down to

March 18 • Series A

Getting Ready for Your Series A: Fundraising Strategy

No hard and fast rules exist regarding prerequisites for your Series A fundraising strategy but consider these insider guidelines to get the most out of your professional pursuits.

February 4 • Series A

Finding the Right VC

Plunging in a Series A funding round typically means two things. For starters, you’re on the brink of a massive and profitable (hopefully) business venture. And secondly, you’re likely losing sleep because of all the details on your to-do list. Before attempting to tick off any more tasks, let’s slow down and talk about finding

February 4 • Series A

Get Directors & Officers Insurance

Most fast-growth companies tend to have one concern in common: legitimacy. The “real deal” companies go far, after all. Perhaps you’re ready to move past the seedling stage and are trying to attract quality leadership to your board of directors. Or, you’re embarking on a Series A funding round to harness professional momentum. No matter

January 4 • Series A

Series A Success Story: An Interview with Fig

We spoke with Justin Bailey of Fig (since acquired by Republic) about his experience on successfully closing a Series A round. He has some great tips and shares important lessons for founders embarking on their funding journey. Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you founded Fig? I’m Justin Bailey, Founder and CEO of