Web3 Insurance Made for Digital Threats

Protect your Web3 venture from financial losses due to cyberattacks, hacks, smart contract exploits, and other emerging threats.

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4.9 out of 5 client reviews
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Why Web3 Companies Need Insurance

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Protects Against Cybersecurity Threats
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Guards the Company from Costly Legal Issues
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Protects Against Emerging Risks in the Industry
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Safeguards Against Non-Compliance and Regulatory Issues
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Insurance Policies Tailored for Web3 Companies

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Directors & Officers (D&O)

Directors & Officers (D&O)

Protects the personal assets of directors and officers in your Web3 company from lawsuits alleging mismanagement, breaches of fiduciary duty, or other wrongdoings related to their leadership decisions. This fosters a sense of security for your leadership team, allowing them to make bold, innovative decisions that drive growth for your Web3 venture.

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Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Web3 companies might offer unique services or products powered by AI or smart contracts. E&O coverage protects your business from claims of negligence or errors in these services. This safeguards your company’s finances if, for instance, an error in a smart contract deployed for a client leads to unexpected financial losses.

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Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability

Web3 businesses often handle sensitive user data and digital assets. Cyberattacks can be catastrophic. Cyber liability coverage helps you weather financial losses associated with data breaches, cyber extortion, or disruption of your Web3 operations due to cyberattacks.

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Employee theft, forgery of invoices, or fraudulent transactions can pose a threat to any company. Crime insurance for Web3 companies can cover financial losses resulting from these criminal activities, protecting your valuable digital assets and operational funds.

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Digital Asset

Digital Asset

Web3 companies might hold cryptocurrency, NFTs, or other digital assets. Digital asset coverage protects these assets against theft, loss due to technical glitches, or even fraudulent transfers initiated through hacking or social engineering scams.

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Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property (IP)

Innovation is vital in Web3. Intellectual property insurance safeguards your ownership of unique AI models, smart contracts, or other creative works that differentiate your Web3 business. It offers financial backing for legal battles against intellectual property theft, ensuring you reap the rewards of your innovations.

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Type of Web3 Companies That Need Insurance

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Offers financial services like lending and asset management without traditional banks, but comes with risks like smart contract bugs and market swings.

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

Operate democratically online, using smart contracts for collective decision-making and managing digital assets.

BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)

Allows businesses to easily build and use blockchain applications without needing major technical expertise.

DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges)

Enable direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading without relying on banks or brokers.

Crypto Mining and Minting

Creates new cryptocurrency units, but can be risky due to complex technical processes.

Web3 Identity Verification

Uses blockchain technology to give users control over their identity data, offering increased privacy and security compared to traditional methods.

And More

Web3 insurance goes beyond DeFi and DAOs. NFT marketplaces, play-to-earn games, metaverse platforms, and Web3 infrastructure providers all handle valuable assets and data. Insurance protects them from security breaches, scams, technical glitches, and ownership disputes, mitigating financial risks in this evolving landscape.

How Much Does Web3 Insurance Cost?

Cost Drivers Examples
Company Profile and Risk Management
  • Business Model and Activities
  • Security Practices and Controls
  • Incident History
Technical Infrastructure and Code Quality
  • Smart Contract Audits and Security
  • Technology Stack and Development Practices
  • Operational Resilience
Financial Health and Risk Exposure
  • Financial Statements and Liquidity
  • Value of Digital Assets
  • Insurance Limits
Regulatory Landscape and Compliance
  • Industry Regulations
  • Compliance History

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Case Studies

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Smart Contract Exploit

Smart Contract Exploit

A DeFi project launched a lending platform powered by what was believed to be an innovative smart contract. Unfortunately, a critical bug was overlooked during the audit, allowing a hacker to exploit this vulnerability and steal millions in cryptocurrency from users. This resulted in a significant loss of reputation and trust for the DeFi platform, financial losses for investors, and the looming threat of lawsuits. With Web3 insurance that includes smart contract coverage, investors could potentially recover some of their lost funds, subject to the terms of their policy.

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NFT Marketplace Hack

NFT Marketplace Hack

A well-known NFT marketplace was hit by a cyberattack, leading to hackers stealing valuable NFTs, including rare digital artwork worth millions. This breach resulted in users leaving the platform due to security worries and potential legal challenges from those affected. Web3 insurance for the marketplace could mitigate financial losses by covering stolen NFTs up to a limit and assist in managing reputational damage and legal costs.

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Play-to-Earn Game Scam

Play-to-Earn Game Scam

A buzzworthy new play-to-earn game collapses in a “rug pull” scam, with developers vanishing after collecting significant funds from players via in-game purchases and NFT sales. This leaves players out of pocket and damages the game’s and industry’s reputation. Emerging Web3 insurance policies, though rare, may offer some protection against such scams, potentially reimbursing players’ investments or aiding in legal efforts against the deceitful developers.

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Metaverse Platform Disruption

Metaverse Platform Disruption

During a major event, a popular metaverse platform is hit by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, causing server overloads and blocking user access. This results in lost revenue and significant user frustration. The platform’s reputation takes a hit, and businesses within the metaverse face revenue losses from the event disruption. Web3 insurance offering business interruption coverage could compensate for the lost revenue, supporting the platform’s recovery and operational restoration efforts.

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