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Bodily Injury Liability

What is Bodily Injury Liability?

Bodily Injury Liability may refer to a type of insurance coverage that provides protection for a policyholder from claims of bodily injury caused to another person for which the policyholder is legally liable. It covers the policyholder for any damages they may be responsible for due to legal action taken against them for causing physical harm to another person.

Bodily Injury Liability in More Detail

Bodily Injury Liability coverage includes medical expenses that a policyholder may be liable for due to medical costs associated with an injury, as well as any other costs associated with a lawsuit. This coverage can also provide coverage for the policyholder’s legal fees associated with defending the case.

The purpose of Bodily Injury Liability coverage is to protect the policyholder from financial hardship due to a lawsuit or claim. This type of coverage is usually required by state law and should be included as part of any auto insurance policy. In some cases, a policyholder may need to purchase additional Bodily Injury Liability coverage if they are found to be liable for more than their policy limits provide.

Bodily Injury Liability coverage is an important form of protection that every policyholder should consider if they are at risk for being found legally liable for causing physical harm to another person. This coverage can help to protect the policyholder’s finances in the event of legal action taken against them.