Just released: How to raise venture capital in 2023

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De-Risking the Fundraising Journey

This ebook takes you through the exciting but complicated journey of fundraising, from defining your company mission to vetting investors, from writing the perfect pitch deck to negotiating your term sheet. Although we’ve been immersed in the venture capital world for decades, it’s not all about what we know — we’ve recruited experts to chime in with their advice. These experienced venture capitalists, lawyers, and founders have signed their own dotted lines. Now they’re here to answer those tricky, behind-the-scenes questions.

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Regardless of the end goal, the path of investment-backed companies isn’t typically a straight line. Instead, the entrepreneurial path can zig right then zag left, creating opportunities and risks all at the same time. This fast pace can derail even the most ambitious and brilliant-born leader. As a result, we published an ebook specifically for startup leaders embarking on their own fundraising journey, from Series A to C — and beyond! Here’s what you’ll find:

Series A

Fundraising Strategy

Finding the Right VC

The Perfect Pitch Deck

Series A Term Sheet

Get D&O Insurance

Negotiating and Closing

Series A Success Story: An Interview with Fig

Series B

When to Raise Series B

Identifying the Right New Investors

Governance and Risk Management

Getting the Term Sheet Right

Closing and Next Steps

Series C+

Achieving Key Benchmarks

Assign Capital a Purpose

The Late-Stage Landscape

Late-Stage Risks and Solutions

Operational Risk Management

Preparing for an IPO — How to De-Risk the Journey

about the book

About the book

With decades of combined experience, our Management Liability Team is here to address the risks you might face in your fundraising journey. Additionally, we collaborated with VCs, lawyers, and founders who have already achieved success in raising capital to create this funding playbook. Get this expert advice for every step of the journey by downloading your copy of the Funding Playbook.

Case Studies


Kevin Leonard Senior Associate,
Justin Bailey Founder and CEO,
Mike Rodgers Interplay Ventures
Jonathan Selby General Manager,
Founder Shield
Rachel Jenkins Customer Success Manager,
Founder Shield
Kyle Jeziorski Managing Director of Broking,
Founder Shield
Sojee Kim Claims Manager,
Scale Underwriting
Jeff Hirsch Head of Claims,
Scale Underwriting
John Olson Director of Customer Success,
Founder Shield

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The Timing Is Right

Sure, the VC landscape is not what it used to be, but is anything nowadays? The world is changing, investors are changing, and companies can adapt to these shifts successfully. Don’t let anyone fool you; there’s plenty of dry powder. It’s time for your piece of the pie.

Start Preparing Now

Raising capital for your growing business is no small feat and not accomplished on a whim. Instead, fundraising takes strategic planning and ample time to play out. Most experts advise founders to prepare for Series A before deploying the cash from Seed rounds.

We'll Have Your Back

We’ve been in the VC world for decades and understand what it takes not only to survive but to thrive. As a public company, we’ve already walked our path to profitability and celebrated our own 3-2-1-LAUNCH! Now, we’re here to support other founders on the same track.

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internal going public team ebook


After Angel and Seed funding, founders often set their sights on the fundraising fast track, starting with a Series A round. However, more often than not, these amphibious leaders dive in without a full tank of oxygen. Let’s change that.

Management Team

Founders are typically the torch, lighting a fire to motivate and leading with a guiding light. Yet, the management team often impresses and ultimately wins over VC investors. This book is to educate and rev up management teams for a big win.

company directors and officers ebook