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Corridor Deductible

What is a Corridor Deductible?

A corridor deductible is a type of insurance deductible that is commonly used in health insurance policies but is becoming more popular in property and casualty insurance. The term refers to a secondary deductible that kicks in after a policyholder meets their insurance policy limit. After meeting their corridor deductible, the insured has access to additional coverage. However, the insurer may pay only a portion of the covered expenses, while the insured must pay the remainder.

Corridor Deductible in More Detail

For example, a policyholder has an initial deductible of $5,000 and a coverage limit of $10,000. After paying their deductible and receiving the full $10,000 of coverage, their $7,500 corridor deductible kicks in. Once they’ve paid the corridor deductible their insurance covers 80% of additional claims up to the next coverage limit.