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Cyber Exposure

What is Cyber Exposure?

Cyber exposure may refer to a business's potential financial losses due to a cyber security incident. In other words, it is the risk that a company is exposed to when it experiences a data breach, malicious code attack, or another cyber security incident.

Cyber Exposure in More Detail

Cyber exposure can include:

  • The costs associated with the incident itself.
  • Any resulting reputational damage.
  • Legal costs.
  • Other associated expenses.

Cyber exposure is a relatively new concept, as it has become increasingly crucial for businesses to protect themselves against cyber threats. As companies continue to generate and store more data online, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes even more critical. Companies need to understand their cyber exposure and the risks they face from cyber security incidents to ensure they have the appropriate policies and procedures.

When evaluating their cyber exposure, companies should consider the type of data they store, their security protocols, and the potential financial impact of a cyber security incident. Companies should also consider their third-party vendors, as any vulnerabilities in these services could expose them to cyber threats.

Cyber exposure is the risk of financial losses a business faces due to a cyber security incident. Companies should evaluate their cyber exposure and take the necessary steps to protect their data and minimize their risk of financial losses due to a cyber security incident.