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Cyber Extortion

What is Cyber Extortion?

Cyber extortion may refer to using computer networks, including the Internet, to unlawfully obtain money, property, or services from a victim by threatening to cause damage to the victim's reputation or property or to release confidential information. It is similar to other forms of extortion but typically involves threats of cyber attacks or data breaches.

Cyber Extortion in More Detail

In cyber extortion, the perpetrator typically sends a threatening message demanding payment, or the victim’s data will be exposed or compromised. The perpetrator may also demand that the victim pay a ransom to prevent the attack from taking place. It may also involve threats of website defacement or denial of service attacks.

Cyber extortion is a form of cybercrime that is becoming increasingly common. It can have severe financial and reputational consequences for victims and potentially damage their systems or networks. It is crucial for businesses and individuals to be aware of the threats posed by cyber extortion and to take steps to protect themselves. This may include having adequate cyber security measures, such as anti-virus software and firewalls, and educating employees on cyber security best practices.