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Earned Premium

What is an Earned Premium?

Earned premium is a technical term used in the insurance industry that may refer to the portion of a premium that an insurance company has earned. It is the amount of premium that an insurer has the right to keep when a policy is canceled or the policy period ends, regardless of whether a claim has been filed or not.

Earned Premium in More Detail

The earned premium is calculated based on the time a policy has been in effect. For example, if a policy is in place for six months and the total premium for the policy is $1,200, then the earned premium would be $600. This is because the insurance company has earned the full premium for the time the policy has been in effect.

Calculating the earned premium is essential for insurers, as it allows them to manage their financial resources better and ensure they can pay out claims when they are due. It is also used to determine the cost of reinsurance, which is the process of transferring some or all of the risk associated with a policy to another insurance company.

The earned premium is essential to understand and calculate accurately in the insurance industry. It allows insurers to track their income and plan for potential losses, ensuring they remain financially solvent. In addition, it is a key indicator in determining reinsurance costs and can help insurers stay competitive in the market.