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Gender Discrimination

What is Gender Discrimination?

Gender Discrimination is a term that may refer to unequal treatment or bias based on a person's gender. It is a form of prejudice and discrimination that exists in many areas of society, and it is a violation of human rights.

Gender Discrimination in More Detail

Gender Discrimination can take many forms, such as unequal pay for equal work, excluding members of one gender from opportunities, or denying a person a job for no reason other than their gender. It can also be more subtle, such as sexual harassment, gender stereotypes or language that demeans one gender.

Gender Discrimination is illegal in many countries, and is prohibited under various international laws. Despite this, it remains a pervasive problem in many areas of society, and is particularly prevalent in the workplace.

The meaning of Gender Discrimination is clear – it is the unfair treatment of a person based on their gender. Gender Discrimination can be physical, verbal, or psychological, and can take many forms. It perpetuates stereotypes and inequality, and can have a damaging effect on individuals, families, and society as a whole.