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Guaranteed Renewable

What is a Guaranteed Renewable?

Guaranteed renewable is a term that may refer to an insurance policy that guarantees the policyholder the right to renew their policy for a given period. This type of policy benefits individuals who may not be able to find coverage elsewhere due to their age, health condition, or other unique circumstances.

A guaranteed renewable policy differs from other types of policies, like non-renewable policies, which the insurer can cancel without prior notice. With a Guaranteed Renewable policy, the policyholder is guaranteed the right to renew the policy for an agreed-upon period, regardless of their health status or other changes in their life.

Guaranteed Renewable in More Detail

The terms of the Guaranteed Renewable policy are typically outlined in the policy document, including the length of the renewable period and any additional provisions that may apply. In some cases, the policy may also include the right to increase coverage, change the type of coverage, or add additional coverage.

Guaranteed Renewable policies are often attractive to individuals who may not be able to find coverage elsewhere, as they provide a measure of security and protection against future changes in their life that may affect their ability to obtain coverage. In addition, the policyholder is assured that their coverage will be renewed for the agreed-upon period.