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MCS-90 Endorsement

What is the MCS-90 Endorsement?

The MCS-90 Endorsement is a specific type of insurance endorsement that provides additional coverage on motor carriers’ liability policies. This endorsement is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as part of any policy issued to those transporting goods or people in the United States. The purpose of the endorsement is to ensure that motor carriers are adequately insured and will be able to pay damages in the event of an accident.

MCS-90 Endorsement in More Detail

In the simplest terms, the MCS-90 Endorsement may refer to a federal law requiring motor carriers to have a certain level of liability insurance. The endorsement is an add-on to a motor carrier’s existing policy and provides additional coverage in the event of an accident. This endorsement is often referred to as a Minimum Financial Responsibility (MFR) endorsement, and it must be included as part of the policy.

The MCS-90 Endorsement provides coverage for damages related to injury or death of people, as well as damages to property, caused by a motor carrier’s negligence. The endorsement also covers any legal costs associated with defending a claim of negligence and any judgments rendered against the motor carrier.

The MCS-90 Endorsement is an important form of protection for motor carriers, as it ensures that they have the necessary coverage in the event of an accident. Without the endorsement, motor carriers may be found liable for damages related to an accident, but may not be able to pay them due to inadequate insurance protection. The endorsement is also important for protecting victims of motor carrier accidents, as it ensures that they will be able to receive compensation for their losses.