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Fronting Insurance

What is Fronting Insurance?

Fronting insurance, in the realm of commercial insurance, refers to a practice where a licensed insurance company, known as the fronting insurer, lends its name and regulatory credentials to another entity, such as a self-insured organization or an insurance captive, to enable them to meet legal or contractual insurance requirements.

Fronting Insurance in More Detail

Fronting insurance involves the fronting insurer issuing an insurance policy on behalf of the entity, even though the actual risk is assumed by the entity itself or a reinsurer. The fronting insurer’s role is primarily administrative, handling policy issuance, premium collection, and regulatory compliance.

This arrangement allows the entity to fulfill its insurance obligations while maintaining control over its insurance program. It can be beneficial for organizations that prefer to retain more control over their risk management strategies or those seeking to meet specific regulatory or contractual requirements.

However, it’s important to note that fronting insurance arrangements should be carefully structured to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Collaboration with insurance professionals experienced in fronting arrangements is recommended to navigate the complexities of this practice and ensure all parties involved are adequately protected.