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Hired and Non-Owned Auto

What is Hired and Non-Owned Auto?

HNOA coverage is designed for a company that does not have any vehicles owned or titled to the company. People covered under HNOA would be owners, employees, partners, members, and officers when driving for company purposes. HNOA covers bodily injury and property damage liability that is caused when a claim arises from an at-fault accident of a covered person driving a hired or non-owned auto for company purposes. This coverage can often be added to an existing General Liability policy as an endorsement. Hired autos would be any vehicle hired, rented, or borrowed from a person or place outside the company. Non-owned autos will be any vehicles owned by employees, partners, members, or officers and any vehicle in your custody and control owned by a customer. An example of an HNOA claim would be an employee driving their own vehicle to run errands for the company and rear-ending a car causing damages to the vehicle and bodily injury to the other driver.