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Webinar – Your Guide to Startup Resources


Key Takeaways


With startup businesses running from home, we now are living in an interesting time where you’re once successfully run business may need to turn to services, products, and resources available to help during this crisis.

As your small business may continue to take hits from COVID-19 at Alley, we want to help give you the knowledge to fight back. With our virtual event, “Your Guide To Startup Resources”, we’re letting you in on firsthand accounts of small businesses, just like yours, who are looking for resources to help them get up or stay on their feet.

Our panelists, Michael, John, and Noelle, present you with real-business advice from the real-world to help small business owners like you tap into those resources available to you.

Speaker Bio:

Noelle Tassey, CEO, Alley

John Olson, Senior Account Executive, Founder Shield

Michael Cohen, Founder and CEO, Suitless

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