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Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance protects companies from third-party lawsuits relating to electric activities (i.e., phishing scams). Plus, it offers many recovery benefits, supporting data restoration and reimbursement for income lost and payroll spent. 

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Protects against financial loss and notification expenses
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Covers forensic investigations and data recovery
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Helps cover legal costs and lawsuit settlements

4.9 out of 5 customer review rating

4.9 out of 5 customer review rating

What is Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance protects companies from the financial and reputational fallout of a cyberattack, covering legal fees, credit monitoring, data breach notifications, and more. If a hacker tries to infiltrate your network, cyber insurance responds. With the cost of an attack averaging $4.5M, young companies can’t often withstand the hit — but cyber insurance protects their balance sheet.

Why you need Cyber insurance

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Cyber Attack are Common & Expensive

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Protects Against Financial Loss and Expenses

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Maintains Legal Compliance

What Cyber Insurance Covers

Loss or Damage to Electronic Data

The expense to restore or recover lost data, plus the cost for outside experts to preserve or reconstruct your data.

Loss of Income or Extra Expenses

The income you lose and extra expenses to avoid or minimize a shutdown after your computer system fails.

Cyber Extortion Losses

The expenses you incur (with the insurer’s consent) to respond to an extortion demand and the money you pay the extortionist.

Customer Notification Costs

Policies may cover the cost of notifying parties affected by the data breach by government statutes or regulations.

Reputation Damage

The marketing and public relations costs to protect your company’s reputation following a data breach.

Defense Costs

Forensic and regulatory investigations, including preventative and betterment measures.

Legal Fees

The cost of hiring an attorney to assess your company’s legal obligation according to laws and regulations.

Claim Examples

Theft of Digital Assets

​​A U.S. based information technology company, ‘Merica, contracted with an overseas software vendor, Internacional. Internacional left universal “administrator” defaults installed on ‘Merica’s server and a “Hacker for Hire” was paid $20,000 to exploit such vulnerability. The hacker advised if the requested payment was not made he would post the records of millions of registered users on a blog available for all to see. The extortion expenses and extortion monies are expected to exceed $2,000,000.

Malicious Code Attack

An intern released a computer worm, causing a local tech service firm to shut down its systems for 18 hours. The incident, including repairs and business losses, cost the firm about $875,000.

Ransomware Attack on SyncNode Co.

SyncNode Co. was hit by a ransomware attack, encrypting its data and demanding a ransom payment of $1,00,000. Their cyber insurance covered the cost of the ransom payment and decrypting its data, enabling the young business to resume operations.

Partnering with Founder Shield

We’re a risk management partner for high-growth companies across emerging markets, striving to create the most seamless, intuitive, and responsive insurance-purchasing experience powered by proprietary technology and insurance products.

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Service and Capabilities

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Bespoke Insurance Packages

We custom-build insurance packages tailored to your industry, operational model, and fundraising activity that scale as you continue to grow and raise capital.

Claims Advocacy

In-house claims advocacy team of lawyers to ensure optimal outcomes when your insurance package is needed most: claims situations.

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We utilize our technology platform to streamline the application & renewal process and automate all back-end document generation and carrier API connectivity to balance the customer experience with maximum quoting reach.

Market Access

We have access to over 200 markets including the top global insurance carries and specialty providers serving niche risks.

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Schedule Time with a Cyber Expert

We’ll be able to provide a real-time breakdown of your current risks and future insurance need. We’ll go over the following:

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Risk Calibration: Let’s figure out if you’re under- or over-insured and whether your current policies have detrimental gaps.
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Identify Cost Savings: We’ll compare your current policies with our extensive benchmarking database to see if your risk and costs have kept pace.
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Contract Review: Most of the time clients will make reasonable requirements. There are times, however, when some outlandish requirements should serve as red flags.
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Risk Roadmap: Walk away with a detailed plan to manage risk as your company scales — no strings attached.