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HealthTech Risk Management Guide

The start of the new decade in healthcare has proven to be a rocky one. Although we were forced to navigate the frightening COVID-19 pandemic, industry innovation and new solutions offer hope. However, the changing patient demographic and evolving role of technology presents this industry with plenty of obstacles — not to mention opportunities.

In this risk management guide we cover:

  • Risk Management & Exposures – how to identify the major risks for your HealthTech company and how to implement strategies to mitigate against them.
  • Legal Landscape – Impact of HIPPA and concerns over the lack of a health privacy framework for health information falling outside of HIPAA’s protection
  • Claim Scenarios – Examples of claims and lawsuits that HealthTech companies typically face and how insurance policies kick in to defend your company.
  • Coverage Considerations – what insurance policies are critical for HealthTech companies and how to structure an effective program.