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John Olson Founder Shield

Johnathan Olson


Before joining Founder Shield in 2018, John worked as a Broker in the Reinsurance space, facilitating global coverage for multi-national insurance carriers. Since then, John has helped to build out and maintain the insurance programs for some of Founder Shield’s most prominent clients in the Auto and Gig Economy space while recently taking on a more significant role for our FinTech practice. Working on our Customer Success team, he works directly with insureds on facilitating and streamlining robust programs for our clients through a collaborative approach.

Authored articles

Commercial Insurance Claims Trends
March 28 • Risk Management

Commercial Insurance Claims Trends

Commercial insurance claims trends frequently make news headlines. Many times, these breaking stories provide a sneak peek into the insurance industry and insight into your own risks.

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Insurance risk management
September 28 • Claims

Using Insurance As A Critical Risk Management Tool

Many business leaders assume insurance is merely a fallback or plan B. However, used wisely, insurance is a risk management tool that sets successful companies apart. Here’s how.

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cyber security
May 31 • ClaimsErrors & Omissions

Top 5 Tech E&O and Cyber Claims

What do Tech E&O and Cyber Insurance cover? We dive in to 5 major claims scenarios that every tech company needs to know about.

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