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Our new site launched!

Carl Niedbala - Founder Shield
Carl Niedbala

COO & Co-Founder

Welcome to the newly redesigned Foundershield.com!

This is now the 3rd iteration of our site and we think it’s our best one yet.  We did a complete redesign from top to bottom, including the way we offer our insurance products.  With this change, our products are even more catered to startups at any phase!  You can still read all of our great content about the different types of insurance startups need by clicking “Learn More…” on each of the product pages, or you can just click “get started now” and let us fill you in personally.  Your choice.

We encourage you to explore the new site.  We’re happy with the layout and feel of it, but of course we’d love to hear any feedback you might have in the comments to this post.  There’s always room for improvement and we’re excited to get better and better, so don’t be shy.  And please let us know if you find anything that’s buggy or weird!


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