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Mitigate Risk and Thrive in the Web3 Ecosystem

Web3 isn’t only an emerging industry; it’s a corner market, an alcove where new tech can team with more traditional industries. But these new opportunities create a slew of fresh risks for Web3 companies to navigate. This guide bypasses the standard approach to managing risk, focusing on niche vulnerabilities Web3 companies face. Navigating common “slip-and-fall” scenarios isn’t what keeps blockchain leaders up at night — but we’re here to talk about what does.

Table of contents

Web3 Risk Management

Infrastructure & Exchanges

Decentralized finance (DeFi)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Web3 applications

Web3 Insurance Strategy

Foundational Policies

Specialty Insurance

Costs & Benchmarking

Real-Life Claim Examples

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Why read this ebook

Understand Real Risks

Web3 companies often share similar exposures with other industries, like employment-related risks. However, as an emerging industry, Web3 companies must navigate plenty of new risks. Our experts have combed through real Web3 exposures and identified what players in this space honestly face.

Create Innovative Solutions

Great risk management requires strategy, so kudos to you for landing on this page — you’re strategic. Here’s the thing: insurance policies often seem far too square to fit a uniquely shaped Web3 risk profile. We’re here to change that by being a part of creating insurance policies that genuinely fit your company.

Streamline Rapid Growth

Admittedly, we’re wild about rapidly scaling companies, protecting more than 25% of the venture backed ecosystem. Let’s face it, Web3 is on the fast track to profitability, and it has been coming in hot for a few years now. We support this emerging industry by launching new insurance products that just make sense for Web3, and in turn, we support your 3-2-1-launch!

Who is this playbook for?

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Web3 Leaders

This guide is written specifically with Web3 leaders in mind. It’s time we unraveled the intricacies of Web3 to understand what we’re up against and make this industry an endeavor none of us will forget anytime soon.

Web3 Ecosystem

We partner with many companies in multiple industries, so we understand how important it is to team with reputable companies. As a player in the Web3 ecosystem, you must know how to vet prospects and balance risks with opportunities. We can help.

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