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Sign up for your E-commerce 360 Risk Analysis

Founder Shield has partnered with Cruxfinder to provide you with a full spectrum Risk Analysis of your business. We’ll be able to provide a real-time breakdown of your current risks and future insurance needs.

Why sign up?

  • Risk Calibration: How does your coverage stack up? Let’s figure out if you’re under- or over-insured and whether your current policies have detrimental gaps.
  • Amazon Requirements: Are you compliant with the new Amazon  insurance requirements? In addition to the required policies, do you have the right policies to ensure longevity in the e-commerce space? We are exerts in the e-commerce space and will make sure you are protected.
  • Identify Cost Savings: Are you paying too much? We’ll compare your current policies with our extensive benchmarking database to see if your risk and costs have kept pace.
  • Risk Roadmap: What’s the next step? Have confidence as you walk away with a detailed plan to manage risk as your company scales — no strings attached.