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Schedule a D&O Risk Assessment

360 Risk Review

Founder Shield has partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers to provide members with a full spectrum Risk Analysis of your business. We’ll be able to provide a real-time breakdown of your current risks and future insurance needs.

NAM Risk Assessment

What’s included in a risk analysis?

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Risk Calibration

How does your coverage stack up? Let’s figure out if you’re under- or over-insured and whether your current policies have detrimental gaps.

Identify Cost Savings

Are you paying too much? We’ll compare your current policies with our extensive benchmarking database to see if your risk and costs have kept pace.

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Contract Review

Most of the time clients will make reasonable requirements. There are times, however, when some outlandish requirements should serve as red flags.


Risk Roadmap:

What’s the next step? Have confidence as you walk away with a detailed plan to manage risk as your company scales — no strings attached.

Partnering with Founder Shield

We’re a risk management partner for high-growth companies across emerging markets, striving to create the most seamless, intuitive, and responsive insurance-purchasing experience powered by proprietary technology and insurance products.

Service and Capabilities

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From the Factory Floor to the Store Aisle

We offer a full suite of commercial insurance products relevant to NAM members. From Product Liability to Workers Compensation and Inventory Protection our unique market relationships gives us access to products and pricing to place your company in the best possible position.

Specialty Solutions

Manufacturing E&O, Trade Credit, Cyber Downtime… we work with insurers that match the sophistication of your operation. As exposures form and become critical we have innovative carriers prepared to answer the call.

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Tailored, Adaptive and Evolving

Our experience is with rapidly evolving companies. Due to our fast moving and innovative clientele, we take a proactive approach to risk management crafting insurance programs that can be quickly adjusted to meet your needs over time.

Claims Advocacy

We have an in-house claims advocacy team of lawyers to ensure optimal outcomes when your insurance package is needed most.

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With a Net Promoter Score of 70+, Founder Shield is one of the highest rated insurance companies in the market

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A BRP Partner

Founder Shield is the specialty insurance arm of BRP Group (NASDAQ: BRP) — a rapidly growing Top 20 brokerage in the country, with a national presence, including over 100 offices in 18 states and over 1,200,000 clients across the U.S. and internationally. BRP provides clients with property and casualty, employee benefits, retirement, personal, and international services.