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Partner Offer

Free Assessment & 15% off subscription

Offer Details

Secberus will provide 1 free cloud configuration assessment of the customer’s choice. Customers will be required to provide read-only API security assessment access to Secberus. Secberus will provide a Security Assessment of the configurations and a mapping to 1 regulatory control (ie. SOC2). Included in the report will be recommended remediation steps. When reaching out, please reference the Founder Shield offer!

About Secberus

Secberus is a cloud-agnostic governance platform for your cloud team to ensure security and compliance configurations are in place. Implementing a product like Secberus helps companies eliminate and prevent misconfiguration debt that can lead to a breach. If you need advisory services, Secberus partners can provide you with a fully managed product and other services. Large enterprises can set up Secberus upstream of CNAPP products and improve their effectiveness by eliminating false-positive and false-negative alerts that can make up more than 99% of all CNAPP alerts. For startups and smaller cloud footprints, Secberus’ low cost can enable Security and Compliance maturity for the smallest of companies. Secberus can be set up in minutes, but can also be customized as you grow.