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SPAC Risk Management Guide 2021

The special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) vehicle has experienced massive evolution since its conception in 1993. SPACs are shell companies, also known as “blank check companies,” purposely raising funds through an IPO with the sole goal of acquiring another company. SPAC-related stories have been a constant in the news cycle over the past number of months and we’ve put together this guide to help SPACs approach risk management in 2021

In this risk management guide you’ll learn:

  • The SPAC Lifecycle – A review of the key phases in the SPAC life cycle from formation to close.
  • The Private Company View – Late-stage companies once considered SPACs a last resort. However, due to various factors, including the global pandemic, that mindset has changed
  • SPAC Risk Management – A deep dive SPAC exposures related to concerning regulatory, financial, and post-acquisition exposures and the key risk management strategies that should be employed throughout the life cycle
  • Insurance Considerations – With such unique risks, SPACs must rely on a robust insurance program to protect their corporate ventures. D&O tail insurance in particular.