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Carl Niedbala


Before Founder Shield, Carl spent the first years of his career in roles across the venture ecosystem. From venture due diligence at Originate Ventures to growth hacking and modeling for portfolio companies at Dreamit Ventures to M&A negotiations at Pepper Hamilton, he’s seen how companies succeed (and fail) from all angles. When Carl met Benji, he was instantly energized by the possibility of rethinking the way the insurance industry worked through technology, best in class customer service, and cutting-edge marketing and branding. When he’s not dreaming about insurance, he’s probably out in the Rockaways surfing — winter, summer, rain, or shine.

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November 12 • Directors & OfficersThought Leadership

Snapchat: Proof that Startups Need D&O Insurance

  One of the major products we provide for our clients is Directors and Officers Insurance.  Admittedly 90% of our D&O clients sought us out because their investors required them to get coverage.  Don’t be mistaken, though…startups need D&O insurance regardless of the investor situation.

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pankaj patel unsplash scaled
November 7 • Cyber Liability

Apparently Everyone’s Getting Hacked Right Now

So apparently everyone’s is getting hacked right now.  If stories keep popping up this often, maybe its time to just start doing a weekly data breach post.  Also, this much activity is totally justifying why we harp on the importance of Cyber Liability coverage.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, here’s what happened in the last week or

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November 5 • Cyber Liability

Even Sony Can Mess Up Their Insurance

Admittedly this probably can’t be considered a “current” event, but we stumbled across this article somewhere on the interwebs and it’s an important story to tell (particularly on an insurance blog).   Big lessons can be learned by this one.  Here’s the gist:

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ng unsplash scaled
October 29 • Errors & OmissionsGeneral Liability

Insurance for Independent Contractors?

Background As we mentioned in a previous post, many of the startups we work with at Founder Shield are a new breed of B2C services.  These companies leverage the latest technology to perform traditional services more efficiently and create a much better user experience than ever before.

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FounderShield Logo menubar new
October 24 • Thought Leadership

Our new site launched!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Foundershield.com!

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October 22 • Cyber Liability

New European Laws = New Cyber Liability for Tech

Cause It has now been several months since NSA contractor Edward Snowden first leaked information about the organization’s activities. 

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iStock game plan on chalk board
October 17 • Cyber LiabilityRisk Management

Startup Cyber Risk Checklist

Cyber liability is a huge area of exposure for most startups.  Even if you’re not a “tech” startup per se, most tech companies today tend to leverage 3rd party tech products in ways that can leave them exposed.

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fshield B C services article
October 14 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & OmissionsGeneral Liability

Insurance for B2C services companies

The Space There’s a new breed of technology-enabled B2C services startups and we deal with a ton of them at Founder Shield.  Think Uber, GetMaid, Makespace…all of these companies use custom platforms to access traditional service providers in very non-traditional ways.  This creates exposure to a wide variety of liability.  Here’s a quick look:

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neonbrand unsplash
October 10 • Risk Management

Insurance for Startups: Cost or Investment?

The Question The biggest question we deal with on a daily basis: how much does insurance for startups cost?  All of our clients want to know exactly what they’ll have to spend and how long it will take.  They all expect an immediate answer, and can you blame them? The startup world moves at a

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fshield health article
October 8 • Health & Benefits

The Affordable Care Act and Startups

With the recent launch of fresh government programs under the Affordable Care Act, the landscape is changing massively in the health insurance space.  We can’t help but think about what effects the new healthcare laws will have on startups.

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October 3 • Cyber Liability

Startups Beware! CA Breach Notification Laws Expanded

The New CA Breach Notification Law If you’re a tech startup, your duties to protect your users’ personal information just got a bit more onerous.  Last Friday (Sept 27th), Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that expands the security/data breach notification requirements beyond their current spectrum.  

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Insurance for SaaS article
September 27 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & Omissions

Insurance for SaaS & Enterprise Companies

The Space The Enterprise/SaaS space is hot spot for startups.  In 2017, SaaS companies captured 69% of a 63.2 billion dollar public cloud services market.  We work with several companies building enterprise/SaaS solutions, ranging from data collection to “consultative sales” to outpatient management and all done in the cloud.  

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Picture for why startups need insurance article
September 23 • Directors & OfficersErrors & OmissionsGeneral Liability

Why Startups Need Insurance

While this list is definitely not exhaustive, I wanted to briefly shed some light on a couple of the reasons why startups need insurance and should look into coverage options regardless of where they are in their life cycle.

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tom cruise impossible cyber liability insurance
September 19 • Cyber Liability

Startup Insurance & Cyber Liability realities you might not expect…

Cyber Liability Insurance is one of the biggest issues we deal with at Founder Shield.  The vast majority of our clients are either straight tech startups or they’re leveraging technology to make their product or service scale.  I think we can all agree that it’s probably impossible to run a startup these days without a

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FounderShield Logo menubar new
September 16 • Thought Leadership

A Note from the Founder: “Why Insurance?”

During my time at Kohort, one of the tasks that fell under my responsibility was assisting with the purchase of insurance for the company. We had just raised $3 million in seed money and we were a legitimate company. Legitimate companies need insurance.  No one really wants to spend money on something from which you

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New York Dawn Fog Buildings Skyscrapers x
September 11 • Thought Leadership


This post officially kicks off our blog series here at Founder Shield, and for right now, we’ll keep it short and sweet. 

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