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Health & Benefits

Choosing the Right Employee Health Plans

Choosing the right employee health plan for a small business or mid-market company is no small task — but we share some tips to help this process feel more seamless. September 28 • Health & Benefits

leave your peo
April 27 • Health & BenefitsRisk Management

Time to Leave Your PEO? How to Transition Smoothly

Mid-market and late-stage companies often outgrow their PEOs. If you’ve thought about saying goodbye to yours, here are a few factors to consider first.

medical underwriting
March 20 • Health & Benefits

How to save money on your group health insurance

Have you ever wondered how you can save money on your group health insurance plan? Ever wanted to find a way around paying those high premiums and save your company money? Well, Igloo Health is here to guide you through the process of medical underwriting in the current marketplace.

What is a BOR
December 20 • Health & Benefits

What is a BOR?

What is a BOR? It’s your “Broker Of Record.” This is an insurance industry term that many people don’t know about, but it could be the most important thing to learn as a business owner. Understanding what a BOR does (and what they can’t do) can give you peace of mind. Have you ever been promised

choosing health plans
September 28 • Health & Benefits

Choosing health plans: how lower premiums might mean higher costs

What if we told you that the price you pay for your monthly premiums wasn’t the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing health plans? That might sound a little crazy but the reality is that there are critical factors to look into besides premium. Ever wonder why you were stuck with a

health and benefits broker
September 7 • Health & BenefitsRisk Management

What we do that your health and benefits broker probably doesn’t

A lot of people will tell you how happy they are with their current health and benefits broker and rave about how fantastic of a job they’re doing. Still the question remains: “is he really doing the best job he possibly can?” These same people will claim how their broker is the nicest guy in

health insurance renewals
July 27 • Health & Benefits

Employee health insurance renewals: what business owners need to know

Most business owners don’t take the time to factor in the fluctuating costs of health insurance renewals. Luckily, we’re here to think ahead for you. In the past, renewal pricing has been pretty standard across all states and carriers, with an average bump of about 5% or so. Unfortunately since Obamacare, that’s not the case. As

change employee health coverage
May 25 • Health & Benefits

Can I change employee health insurance mid-term?

Is it possible to change employee health insurance mid-term? It’s one of the most common questions I hear. Most people assume that once you sign a healthcare contract, you’re locked into that plan for the next 12 months. Well, I’ve come bearing good news: that’s not necessarily true. Actually, switching healthcare plans during the term year

choosing the right company health insurance plan
March 30 • Health & Benefits

A quick guide to choosing the right company health insurance plan

Choosing that company health insurance plan (without the headache) So as you may have found out the hard way, choosing a company health insurance plan can be rough.  There are thousands of options to choose from.  Getting quotes back can be overwhelming.  And if you aren’t sure what you’re looking at, or even what you’re

get employee health insurance for company post
January 25 • Health & Benefits

The Top 3 Ways to Get Employee Health Insurance

How do I to get employee health insurance for my company? It’s not the easiest question to answer, and in this day in age it is getting more and more difficult to get cost effective health benefits for your company.  It’s even harder if you are in the small group category. Whether it’s company size,

pexels photo
April 13 • Health & Benefits

Humans, AI, and the Future of Health Insurance

Via our FS Health VP of Sales, Will Treichler, and originally posted on LinkedIn here. At the end of the day, yes, I agree with Choon Yan (@battlechoon) that the role of the insurance agents of all stripes will be dramatically changed by IoT device-fed AI that assesses and accurately prices risk in real-time.  With transparent

pexels photo
January 29 • Health & Benefits

3 Signs it’s Time to Leave Your PEO Insurance Provider

The Benefits of a PEO Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are great when a company is just getting off the ground.  At an early stage they deliver two major benefits: Simplify HR administration with many built-in services Reduce the cost of health insurance However, at a certain point, it makes sense to switch because there are

April 22 • Health & Benefits

Announcing Disability and Ancillary Benefits Coverage

  Founder Shield is happy to announce that we now offer a full suite of Disability and Ancillary Benefits insurance!  Here’s the high-level overview on both: Disability Insurance Disability insurance is usually required for all companies with employees.  It’s just like Workers Comp insurance…you need it!  Disability insurance covers your employees when they are unable

fshield health article
October 8 • Health & Benefits

The Affordable Care Act and Startups

With the recent launch of fresh government programs under the Affordable Care Act, the landscape is changing massively in the health insurance space.  We can’t help but think about what effects the new healthcare laws will have on startups.