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Fiduciary Liability

Post-Acquisition Insurance & M&A Risk Management Guide

Late-stage companies sometimes overlook post-acquisition challenges, but they still pose a problem. Here’s how to navigate these tricky situations. July 26 • Directors & OfficersEPLIErrors & OmissionsFiduciary LiabilityGeneral LiabilityReps and Warranties Insurance

September 17 • Directors & OfficersFiduciary Liability

ESOPs: Do They Impact D&O Insurance?

Plenty of risks are associated with ESOPs. But, how do they impact your current D&O, E&O, or general liability insurance policy. Here’s the scoop.

ERISA fidelity bonds and fiduciary liability insurance
August 31 • Fiduciary Liability

ERISA fidelity bonds and fiduciary liability insurance: what’s the difference?

You just launched a 401(k) plan for your employees and they couldn’t be happier! This is going to help recruiting and morale by letting employees grow their nest egg with minimal effort. But it also opens the door to lawsuits against you. Now you’re being told to look into ERISA fidelity bonds and fiduciary liability