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March 26 • Cyber LiabilityGuest Post

Mitigating Cyber Risk with Google Cloud

Partnering with the right cloud provider is essential. Google Cloud outline how to mitigate cyber risk through trust, security, and proper cyber insurance.

January 15 • Cyber LiabilityGuest Post

Investors’ Use of Data and Privacy Implications

Kyle from DataGrail breaks down the privacy implications investors’ now face with the increasing risk and compliance involved with data-driven investments.

December 3 • Cyber Liability

Marriott & SPG Data Breach: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Marriot & SPG data breach. Who is at risk, what data was stolen and how to protect your business against cyber attacks

September 27 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & Omissions

Risk Management Guide for SaaS Companies

Featured on the OpenView Partners blog. Carl breaks down risk management for SaaS-based companies.

August 22 • Cyber LiabilityGeneral LiabilityProperty Insurance

Growing Pains: The Future of Electric Scooters and Bike Sharing

Electric scooters and dockless bikes are popping up everywhere. We dive into risk management and the future of the industry.

June 8 • Cyber Liability

5 Takeaways from the Verizon Data Breach Report 2018

Every year Verizon releases a report that details real-world security incidents, data breaches, and the trends behind them. We discuss 5 takeaways every business needs to know

May 31 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & Omissions

Top 5 Tech E&O and Cyber Claims

What do Tech E&O and Cyber Insurance cover? We dive in to 5 major claims scenarios that every tech company needs to know about.

May 23 • Cyber Liability

Top 6 forms of social engineering and how to protect your business

Many implement the latest antivirus software, data encryption protocols, and firewalls. But what happens if malware is introduced into the system from inside? i.e. by an employee

February 28 • Cyber LiabilityNews

5 facts startups need to know about the GDPR

Any business that comes in contact with EU citizens will have to follow new rules as of May of this year. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), passed by EU Parliament in April 2016, directly impacts businesses in the US, EU and elsewhere. Its purpose is to set uniform standards for data protection and prevent businesses from

cybersecurity in dating apps
February 7 • Cyber Liability

Growing concerns about cybersecurity in dating apps

Vulnerabilities have been discovered in some popular dating apps. What lessons can other businesses take away? Anyone who uses an app assumes that there’s a certain amount of privacy involved. This isn’t unique to dating apps. Consumers accept that the app marketplace and/or developer will collect usage and error data and certain forms of personally