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Jonathan Selby - Founder Shield

Jonathan Selby


Jonathan spent the first five years of his professional insurance career working as a generalist broker at a traditional firm on Long Island. Intrigued by how to leverage technology in the industry, he joined the Founder Shield team in 2016 and quickly grew into his current leadership role of General Manager. Jonathan works to oversee client strategy and communication, and has fostered a culture of providing unparalleled service and risk consulting for some of the fastest growing companies in the world. Outside of work, he can be found on the basketball court and chess board — but not at the same time.

Authored articles

healthcare startups
July 7 • Thought Leadership

15 Healthcare Startups That Improve Lives Worldwide

From innovative cancer treatment to supportive tools for physicians, these healthcare startups are changing lives for the better.

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June 23 • Reps and Warranties Insurance

Top 8 Benefits of Having Representations & Warranties Insurance

Representations and warranties insurance is more than an M&A trend; it’s a smart move for mid-market companies. Here’s why

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edtech companies
June 9 • Risk Management

Insurance & Risk Management for Edtech Companies

As the world changes, the way we educate must evolve, too. Here’s how edtech companies spearhead this shift and the risks they face.

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reducing risk fo e scooter operators
April 8 • Cyber LiabilityGeneral Liability

Reducing Risk for E-Scooter Operators: Safety, Security & Hardware

In the context of e-scooter safety, we’ve teamed with ACTON to identify and mitigate the most significant risks operators face today.

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Coronavirus Business Insurance
March 10 • Risk Management

“Is It Covered?” – Answers to Coronavirus & Business Insurance

Coronavirus threats are forcing most companies to rethink their position in the global economy. Here’s how insurance could play a part.

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CaliforniaAB ruling
September 25 • EPLIWorker's Compensation

What does the California AB5 (gig economy) ruling mean for insurance?

California signed the AB5 (Gig Economy) ruling into law. This will have ramifications for the entire US insurance market, not just for CA.

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commercial crime insurance
September 3 • Crime InsuranceCyber Liability

Commercial Crime Insurance Guide

Here’s the inside scoop on commercial crime insurance guide for startups and mid-level businesses. Learn the different types of commercial crimes and what crime insurance covers.

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insurance for biotech companies
August 29 • Directors & OfficersProperty

Insurance Guide for Biotechnology Companies

Our guide to insurance for Biotechnology companies. What risks do Ag-biotech & Biopharma face? What policies do they need?

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Insurance for AVs and self driving cars
July 23 • Cyber LiabilityHNOA

Insurance for Autonomous Vehicles & Self-Driving Cars

While the future of autonomous vehicles is uncertain, the need for a new insurance strategy is clear.

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how to nail you business insurance renewal
June 4 • Risk Management

How to Nail Business Insurance Renewals

Renewing commercial insurance can a tedious process. This guide will help you nail your insurance renewal to make it as easy, and cost-effective as possible.

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how to choose a business insurance broker
March 4 • Risk Management

How to Choose a Commercial Insurance Broker

Cost may be a concern, but it should not be your primary concern. So what then should you look for when selecting a commercial broker?

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guide to host insurance for homesharing platforms
December 11 • Specialty

Guide to Host Insurance for Home Sharing Platforms

Host Insurance guide for home sharing and vacation rental platforms. What it covers and how it improves customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

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american flag us broker
September 20 • Risk Management

Expanding to the US? Use a local insurance broker

Expanding to US? Find out why using local insurance broker can save you some big headaches.

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W vs What is best for your business
June 20 • EPLIWorker's Compensation

Answered: Independent Contractor (1099) or W2 Employee?

Determining what type of labor to use W2 (full time) or 1099 (independent contractors) can be confusing. We break down how to classify your employees, the impact of recent court rulings and how to decide what’s best for your business.

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sam truong dan unsplash scaled
April 20 • Claims

Startup Risk Tips: How to Deal with Business Insurance Claims

Business insurance claims theory made easy You’re a homeowner; a car owner; a business owner. You have insurance, but when should you turn to your insurance for help? Will a duck quack “Aflac”? Will the Mayhem Man mimic an exact situation the common policyholder will encounter? Probably not. “I pay all this money for insurance, and

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