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Kyle Jeziorski


Kyle is the market-facing leader at Founder Shield, with eight years invested in the boutique broker and more than a decade in the insurance industry. Before Founder Shield, Kyle worked at Marsh on the FINPRO team focusing on management liability in the large private and public space. A graduate of Saint Joseph’s University’s Risk Management and Insurance Program, Kyle has focused his entire career helping clients to navigate through an ever changing risk environment.

Authored articles

January 12 • Risk Management

7 Bad Practices That Hike Your Commercial Insurance Costs

It might seem like a chore to keep your commercial insurance costs low. Here are some pitfalls to avoid that will help maintain your budget-friendly goal.

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insurable risk
December 8 • Risk Management

What Is an Insurable Risk?

Identifying an insurable risk from an uninsurable risk is tricky. Here’s a closer look at how insurers categorize specific exposures.

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November 24 • Risk Management

When Does Captive Insurance Make Sense?

Captive insurance is popular with technology, rideshare, and on-demand companies. Here’s how it works best.

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October 14 • HNOA

HNOA Insights: Delivery in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 changed everything, including how people acquire goods. Here’s how HNOA insurance can protect your on-demand delivery services.

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