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Carl Niedbala - Founder Shield

Carl Niedbala


Before Founder Shield, Carl spent the first years of his career in roles across the venture ecosystem. From venture due diligence at Originate Ventures to growth hacking and modeling for portfolio companies at Dreamit Ventures to M&A negotiations at Pepper Hamilton, he’s seen how companies succeed (and fail) from all angles. When Carl met Benji, he was instantly energized by the possibility of rethinking the way the insurance industry worked through technology, best in class customer service, and cutting-edge marketing and branding. When he’s not dreaming about insurance, he’s probably out in the Rockaways surfing — winter, summer, rain, or shine.

Authored articles

EPLI Claims
September 9 • Claims

5 Common Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) Claims

What exactly does EPLI cover? We examine 5 common claim scenarios.

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insurance for esports gaming arena and competiton feat
August 28 • Directors & OfficersErrors & Omissions

Insurance for ESports: Leagues, Teams & Tech

The hardest part of navigating insurance for e-sports is to know how it applies. We break it down.

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Technology Errors and Omissions Guide
July 30 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & Omissions

Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance: What You Need to Know

Despite a wide range of specialties, all tech companies have one thing in common: they need technology errors & omissions insurance.

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June 25 • Thought Leadership

How Volunteering Helps To Create Worker Passion

A culture of giving back is one of the most inspiring ways to engage employees.

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bump collaboration colleagues scaled
June 20 • Thought Leadership

How To Be A Better Team Player

In order to become a better collaborator, you must start by becoming a better team player. Here are some tips to get you there.

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cyber insurance trends
May 7 • Cyber Liability

Cyber Insurance Trends 2019

Cyber liability insurance outlook for 2019. We examine cyber threats, data breaches, factors affecting cyber pricing and cyber security tips.

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Insurance Subjectivities
April 24 • Risk Management

I Signed, Now What? Understanding Insurance Subjectivities

Often referred to as the “pitfalls” of a quote, insurance subjectivities are certain conditions you must follow to ensure the coverage you need.

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March 28 • Thought Leadership

Employee loyalty has to be earned, don’t expect it without taking action

We value our employees and want the same from them, but it’s not always that easy. Here are our thoughts on what you can do to boost employee loyalty.

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IMG scaled
March 26 • Thought Leadership

The Top 7 Things Employees Want From Their Company

People are always debating what employees need to be happy in their careers. Here is our take on what millennials really need for a good work environment.

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FS Roundup Jan
February 12 • Thought Leadership

FS Monthly Roundup: January 2019

January 2019 edition of our monthly round-up where we highlight the best of what’s going on in the tech world (and our office). This month we feature InsuraGuest, Breuer, Troika and Arora Project.

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FS Roundup Dec
January 11 • Thought Leadership

FS Monthly Roundup: December 2018

December 2018 edition of our monthly round-up where we highlight the best of what’s going on in the tech world (and our office). This month we feature Wrrk and SaveOhno.

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Stress Mgmt Featured
December 12 • Thought Leadership

Stress management in the workplace

Some tips to relieve stress and more effectively manage the anxiety and pressures associated with a growing career.

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FS RoundUp Nov
December 6 • Thought Leadership

FS Monthly Roundup: November 2018

November 2018 edition of our monthly round-up where we highlight the best of what’s going on in the tech world (and our office). This month we feature GiftFly and Mystro.

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Commericial Property Featured
December 4 • Claims

Commercial Property Insurance Claims Guide: The Preemptive Approach

The complete guide to commercial property insurance claims. How to be pre-emptive and the steps involved to make the claims process run smoothly.

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Thanksgiving Hero Image
November 20 • Thought Leadership

Startups giving us more to be thankful for (2018 edition!)

Each year we pick out couple of our outstanding clients who are working to make the world a better place. These 6 startups give us a lot to be thankful for.

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Hero Image Founder Shield
November 19 • Risk Management

How to generate revenue & funding with insurance

How do you turn a cost center into a revenue engine? We discuss how high-growth companies can get this done with right Insurance. (via TechCrunch)

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FS Roundup October
November 8 • Thought Leadership

FS Monthly Roundup: October 2018

October 2018 edition of our monthly round-up where we highlight the best of what’s going on in the tech world (and our office). This month we feature CryptoKitties, Washe, Chase West and Fund That Flip.

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block party logo
October 31 • Thought Leadership

Podcast: The Business of Insuring High Risk, Fast Growth Startups

Our very own Eric Schneider sat down with the guys over at the Block Party podcast. He talks about how to manage insurance needs in rapidly evolving business environments.

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Elon Musk DO Insurance
October 10 • Directors & Officers

Elon Musk vs. Investors: Why D&O Insurance is Essential

Elon Musk has landed himself and Tesla in hot water. We break down the SEC settlement, class action lawsuits and how D&O Insurance comes into play.

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founder shield summer party
October 4 • Thought Leadership

Life at Founder Shield – what’s it really like?

At Founder Shield we believe in work being fun, even when there’s work to do (which there always is). Our People team is here to make sure every employee enjoys what they’re doing and the people they’re doing it with.

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September FS Roundup Image
October 3 • Thought Leadership

FS Monthly Roundup: September 2018

September 2018 edition of our monthly round-up where we highlight the best of what’s going on in the tech world (and our office). This month we feature BitWallet and Konnected.

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SaaS Risk Blog Featured
September 27 • Cyber LiabilityErrors & Omissions

Risk Management Guide for SaaS Companies

Featured on the OpenView Partners blog. Carl breaks down risk management for SaaS-based companies.

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