What is a theft exclusion?

December 21, 2017By Matt McKennaProperty Insurance No Comments

…and why is it in a holiday blog post? Two great questions! As we approach the holiday season, closing out year-end projects and dreaming about dancing sugar plum fairies and swelling Amazon carts, it’s important that we focus on what’s important to us. We at Founder Shield know that while most people say the important … Read More

What is a BOR?

December 20, 2017By Jason PolinskyEmployee Health and Benefits No Comments

What is a BOR? It’s your “Broker Of Record.” This is an insurance industry term that many people don’t know about, but it could be the most important thing to learn as a business owner. Understanding what a BOR does (and what they can’t do) can give you peace of mind. Have you ever been promised … Read More

The need-to-know of startup D&O insurance

December 19, 2017By Isaac BockDirectors & Officers No Comments

  What is Startup D&O insurance and why do I need it? Directors and officers make tough decisions every day. That’s why Directors and Officers Insurance protects them while doing their job. Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policies protect a company’s individual directors and officers from claims based on their decisions made while acting in … Read More

Insurance 101: what’s a retention?

November 2, 2017By Matt McKennaInsurance Pro Tips No Comments

Ever feel like reading your policy creates more questions than it answers? You’re not alone. Insurance is filled with jargon. While there’s good reason for your insurance policy being a 100+ page monster filled with a dizzying web of definitions and exclusions, the ‘why‘ doesn’t really matter to most people…they just want to know what’s … Read More